Letter from the Editor

02 Feb 2020 12:00 PM | Christine R Henry

Welcome to the Winter Issue of VAN.  Feel free to use this link if you just want to scroll through all the stories directly on the website, or take a look below for highlights of the issue with links directly to each story.  

We are gearing up for the annual meeting this summer in San Antonio, May 6-9 and registration opens February 3.  In this issue is a story on documentation from the VAF-Utah Legacy Project as well as lots of opportunities for conferences, manuscripts and tours that cover all sorts of vernacular architecture topics. In addition, we have lots of member news, from profiles of board members to honors, publications, and presentations.

In publications news, the Winter Bibliography is packed with useful resources that contribute to vernacular studies.  If you are thinking of contributing to the scholarly conversation, consider submitting to the VAF Journal Buildings & Landscapes. Thanks as always for the contributions to the newsletter, love to share all the wonderful work our community is doing!

Christine Henry, Newsletter Editor

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