VAF Board of Directors, 2022-2023


President: Elaine Jackson-Retondo, National Park Service (2025)

First Vice President: Phil Gruen, Washington State University (2025)

Second Vice President: Heather Barrett, Maryland Historical Trust (2025)

Treasurer: Claudia Brown, N. C. State Historic Preservation Office (retired) (2024)

Secretary: Paula Mohr, Independent Historian (2025)

Elected Directors

Bobby Cervantes, Harvard University (2026)

Tara Dudley, University of Texas at Austin (2025)

Brian Goldstein, Swarthmore College (2026)

Willa Granger, Florida Atlantic University (2025)

Beth King, North Carolina State Historic Preservation Office (2025)

Catherine Morrissey, University of Delaware Center for Historic Architecture and Design (2024)

Samuel Ross Palfreyman, Historic Sites Division, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (2024)

Caroline H. Spurry, George Washington’s Mount Vernon (2024)

Alec Stewart, University of Pennsylvania (2024)

Nicholas Vann, Washington State Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (2026)

José Vázquez, Miami Dade College

Wei (Windy) Zhao, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Appointed Directors

Buildings & Landscapes Editors

Michael Chiarappa, Washington College

Margaret Grubiak, Villanova University

Website Editor

Michelle Jones

Other Positions

Archivist: Laura Driemeyer, Preservation Company, NH

Conference Planner: Michelle Jones

2024 Conference Coordinator (Upper Peninsula, MI): Sarah Scarlett 

Buildings & Landscapes Book Review Editor Amanda C. Roth Clark, Whitworth University

Buildings & Landscapes Illustration Editor Laura Kilcer, Independent Scholar

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