MAY 9, 2020

SESSIONS 1-3: Starting 10:00 am

1 - Building and Technology - Chair: Fred Quivik

"The Air Underground: The Confined Landscapes of Mining and the Development of Air-conditioning Standards, 1900-1930" - Betsy Frederick-Rothwell, The University of Texas at Austin

"From the Ground Up: Rise of Aerial Infrastructure and the Transformation of Quito's Landscape, 1920s-1930s" - Ernesto Bilbao, The University of Texas at Austin

"Corner Post Construction: North American Adaptation of an Ethnic Building Tradition" - Maire O’Neill Conrad, Montana State University, Bozeman

2 - Spatial Segregation and Social Power - Chair: Christine O’Malley

"From Harlem to Hinterland: The Hebrew Home for the Aged and the Evolution of Congregate Senior Housing, 1917-1967" - Willa Granger, University of Texas at Austin

"The Architecture of the Dinner Plate: Material Culture and Architectural Inspiration in Indiana 1820-1860" - Benjamin L. Ross, RATIO Architects

" ’Cemetery to Cemetery’: Segregation and Tradition in the Forney, Texas Landscape" - Diane Jones Allen, University of Texas, Arlington & Kathryn Holliday, University of Texas, Arlington

3 - Social Production of Residential Space - Chair: Betsy Cromley

" The Revolutionary Kitchen: Venezuelan Domestic Architecture in an Era of Conflict" - Valentina Davila, McGill University 

"'Neat and Clean and Happy Looking Little Homes': Martha Bayard Stevens Model Workers Housing in Hoboken" - Samuel A. Pickard & Emily Paulus Everett, AECOM 

"The Role of Slave-made Savannah Grey Bricks in the Construction of a Plantation Ideal in 20th-Century White Suburbs" - Robin B. Williams, Savannah College of Art & Design

POSTER SESSIONS: 12:00-1:00 pm

"'The Wrapper Must Have Style' : Shade Tobacco Tents of the Connecticut River Valley, 1899-1959" Tom Anderson-Monterosso, University of Vermont

“Investigating Vernacular Design at the Treviño-Uribe Rancho Complex in San Ygnacio, Texas” - Kevin T. Glowacki, Texas A&M University, Andrew J. Billingsley, Texas A&M University, Benjamin Baaske, Texas A&M University, Frank Briscoe, Briscoe Architectural Conservation, Robert Warden, Texas A&M University, Lonnie Champagne, Independent Scholar

“The Domino Effect of a Lost Vernacular Tradition” - Sandra M. Hernandez, Texas A&M University

“Evaluating Bridges and Water Control Structures” - Maureen McCoy & Alex Tarantino, Delaware Department of Transportation

Homesteading in Cebolla Canyon: Exploring the Reasons Behind Architectural Variation” - Laura Burghardt Tenen, Harris Environmental Group

“Landscapes of Caring” - Chelsea Wait, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Exploring the Old Spanish Trail: Romanticizing Spanish Mission Sites” - Lindsey Wieck, St. Mary's University

"Alternative Migrant Housing in Southern Chinese Villages-by-the-city”-  Jiong (Abingo) Wu, Syracuse University

SESSIONS 4-6: Starting 1:00 pm

4 -Sites of Memory - Chair: Abby Van Slyck

"Race, Memory, and Leisure at the Mexia, Texas, Confederate Reunion Grounds" - C. Ian Stevenson, Clark University

"'Columbus Might Be Dwarfed to Obscurity': Italian Americans' Engagement with Columbus Monuments in a Time of Decolonization" - Laura E. Ruberto Berkeley City College and Joseph Sciorra,Queens College, City University of New York

" Beyond Design History: The Many Layered Pasts of Pope Villa" - Julie Riesenweber,University of Kentucky

5 - State Power and Landscape Production - Chair: Chad Randl

"Immigrant Detention Buildings on the West Coast of Canada" - David Monteyne, University of Calgary 

"Reclaiming the Built Environment for the People: The Urban Renewal Activities of Jeff-Vander-Lou in St. Louis" Michael R. Allen,Washington University in St. Louis 

6 -The Architecture of Agriculture: City and Country - Chair: Jennifer Reut

"Bracing Against the Prairie Winds: A Case Study of Three Estonian Farmsteads in Stark County, North Dakota" - Travis Olson,University of Wisconsin-Madison 

"A Symbol of Resistance: The Farmers’ Alliance Building in Big D" - Paula Lupkin, University of North Texas 

"The Lost Skyscrapers of Goose Island: Philip Armour’s Grain Elevators, 1888-1933" - Thomas Leslie,FAIA, Iowa State University 

SESSIONS 7-9: Starting 3:00 pm

7 - New Perspectives on Urbanism - Chair: Zachary Violette

"The Street Life of Toronto's Split-level Storefronts" - Erica Allen-Kim,University of Toronto 

"'After All, It's the Welfare Office and Nobody Likes Us...'" The History of the Architecture of Public Welfare in Virginia" - Andrew Marshall,Cunninham/Quill Architects 

"Moderated and Controlled: Post-prohibition Public Drinking Spaces in Toronto" - Leila Marie Farah,Ryerson University 

 "The Görlitz’ People’s Library and Reading Hall (1907/2009)" Maxi Schreiber,Technische Universität Darmstadt 

8 - The State of Black Vernacular Architecture in Historic Black Settlements - Chair: Andrea Roberts

"The State of Texas Freedom Colonies Vernacular Architecture" - Andrea Roberts, Texas A&M 

"Rediscovering African American Builders in Austin’s Black Settlements" - Tara Dudley, The University of Texas at Austin 

"St. John Missionary Baptist Church (Fort Bend, Texas): A Case Study" - Portia Hopkins, Lee College 

"The Front Porch: Racial Turmoil, Forced Migration and the Quest for Asylum" - Schuyler S. Carter, Texas A&M 

9 - Popular Pastimes - Chair: Lisa Davidson

"Building Horesetopia: Marion DuPont Scott’s Construction of the Montpelier Stables as a Rejection of Social Norms" - Mary C. Fesak, University of Delaware 

"The Beach, Boardwalk, and Motel in Florida: The Context of Beach-side Leisure, Polynesian Dreams, and Representations of the Tropics in Daytona Beach" - Mike Walker, Savannah College of Art & Design 

"Make Room for Happy Hour: Middle America’s Love Affair with the Post-War Basement Bar" - Mary Anne Beecher,Ohio State University 

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