Information for Speakers

In addition to submitting a text copy of their presentation, all speakers must pre-record their voicie over slides and submit them to session chairs (voice over slides) by May 1. As usual, your paper should be no longer than 20 minutes in length.

Pre-recording paper presentations safeguards against network disruptions. Presentations will be played from a hard-wire network connection from Texas A&M University.

Here are steps to follow:

Submit your paper text to your session chair

by the date specified by the chair or by 12 April at the latest.  The chair will return your text with comments by 19 April at the latest.

Prepare your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation 

Prepare your images and practice your paper presentation as you normally would for the VAF. You will then make a recording of it, your voice over your images.

Download the Zoom application from

Download the zoom desktop application

Log Into Zoom 

When you open the application you will be prompted to log in or create a Zoom account. You can create a free account with any email address.

Start a New Meeting

Open the Zoom Desktop Client and Start a Meeting

Share Your Screen 

Once you start your session share your PowerPoint screen. This will project your PowerPoint and create a smaller box with your picture in the upper right hand corner of the screen. 

Record your Presentation Locally
Save with the following naming conventions:

Hit the record button and then ON THIS COMPUTER Once you have finished End the meeting. Zoom will then process and compress your presentation into an .mp4 video file and save it to your computer. 

Order of presentation number_LastName_FirstWordofTitle.mp4

As an example: if the second presenter in a session had the following paper: 

John Smith: “Snail ornamentation in Georgian architraves” 

Their file format would read:  2_Smith_Snail

Upload to Google Drive by May 1

Once you are happy with your presentation in .mp4 format. Open the Virtual Conference Google Drive using the link provided. 

Find your session folder and drag and drop the file into the folder. Google Drive will then upload. A sample presentations is currently available on the Google Drive for reference. 

Session Chairs will review your video once they are uploaded.

The papers will be discarded by the VAF after the virtual conference. Individuals can contact paper presenters directly for digital copies of paper presentations.


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