The VAF Board of Directors voted to establish regional or thematic chapters to serve a variety of needs of the membership and the national organization. The purposes for forming VAF chapters include: sharing knowledge of a region or theme; promoting field work, as well as providing field work training opportunities; encouraging dialog with other disciplines; and planning for national VAF meetings.

The following recommendations are offered to groups or individuals hoping to establish a chapter:

In keeping with VAF practice generally, chapters should have a simple and economical organizational structure and function independently of VAF or its other chapters. (The VAF 1st Vice President oversees the formation and guidance of regional chapters.) Regional chapters should clearly define a geographic area of interest. Their size will vary from region to region; they can be larger than or smaller than a state. Regional chapters should originate and develop in their region and design programs appropriate to their region, their resources, and their membership. These programs will therefore vary from region to region over time. Although most chapters will be geographic in definition, thematic chapters are also encouraged. There is no requirement of membership in the national organization for chapter members, or vice versa, nor any exchange of funds gathered through memberships. Chapters should be careful to plan for stability of the organization in the early phases of their development, including easy access through mail, e-mail and telephone. Chapters should plan to protect themselves through incorporation, obtaining not-for-profit status, and by insuring their boards and officers.

Anyone interested in beginning the process of creating a VAF regional chapter should contact the First Vice President.

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