Two Utahs: Religious and Secular Landscapes in the Great Basin West

May 31 - June 3, 2017
Salt Lake City, UT

Paper Sessions, Saturday June 3

8-9:30 a.m. Paper Session
Institutions and “Improvement” / Chair: Richard H. Schein (University of Kentucky)

Jennifer Cousineau (Parks Canada) “Two Tales of One Carceral Landscape: The Bowmanville Training School/Camp 30 in the Lived Experiences of Boys and Men”

Rachel C. Kirby (Boston University) “An Island of Opportunity: The Boston Farm School and the City’s Civic Landscape”

Mark S. Cassell (Territory Heritage Resource Consulting) “’Striving to elevate the native races intellectually, morally, and physically’: Material landscapes of the US federal education system for Alaska Natives, ca. 1884-1960”

Buildings & Landscapes of Mormonism / Chair: Steven Olsen (LDS Church History Department)

Jennifer Reeder (LDS Church History Department) “The Usable Past of Latter-day Saint Women’s Relief Society Halls and Granaries as Material Culture and Memory”

Alan B. Barnett (Utah State Archives) “Ordering Zion: The Parowan Meeting House and the Invention of Mormon Sacred Space”

Samuel Ross Palfreyman (Boston University) “The Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah: Developing a Place to Mint Mormon Missionaries”

Preserving and Interpreting Vernacular Landscapes / Chair: Catherine Lavoie (National Park Service)

Timothy Davis (National Park Service) “Why is that ramshackle old building allowed to stand?” John D. Rockefeller, Jr., the National Park Service, and the Erasure of Vernacular Landscapes in Jackson Hole, Wyoming”

R. Grant Gilmore III (College of Charleston) “Documenting and Interpreting Preserved Architecture Landscapes of Slavery in South Carolina’s Lowcountry”

Evelyn Montgomery (Dallas Heritage Village) “Recreated Vernaculars: The Meanings of Historic Museum Villages”

10-11:30 a.m. Paper Session
Field Notes / Chair: Willie Graham (Colonial Williamsburg Foundation)

Jennifer V.O. Baughn (Mississippi Department of Archives and History) “Washed in the Water: Outdoor Concrete Baptistries in Mississippi”

Mary Ringhoff (Architectural Resources Group) [presenter] and Julia Ausloos (Architectural Resources Group) “The Past and Future of Ryan, CA: Preservation Challenges in a Death Valley Mining Town”

Marvin A. Brown (AECOM) “When is a Rosenwald School a Rosenwald School or What does a Rosenwald School say about, and to, its Community?”

Travis McDonald (Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest) “The Genius of Place and Space: Anne Spencer’s Poetic License in Art, Architecture, and Gardening”

Aaron Ahlstrom (Boston University) “The Western Frontier Comes East: Race, Environment, and Architecture in the Early Twentieth-Century Tourist Landscape of Massachusetts’ Mohawk Trail”

Yara M. Colón Rodríguez (Universidad Politécnica de Puerto Rico) “A microhistory of the vernacular house in Puerto Rico: environments and cultures in Casa Vigil”

Maire O’Neill Conrad (Montana State University, Bozeman) “Speculation, growth, and a developing sense of permanence in the Northern Rockies”

William A. Flynt (Historic Deerfield) and Myron Stachiw (Independent Scholar) [presenter], “Dendrochronology and Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) Carbon 14 Dating: A Novel and Potent Combination”

Tamsen Anderson (Dar Al Hekma University) “YouTube and Dollar Store Decorating:

Domestic Advice and the Ordinary Interior in the Internet Age”

Alec Stewart (University of California, Berkeley) “Visible But Unseen: Architectures of Emergent Citizenship in Los Angeles’s Indoor Swap Meets”

Situating the Suburban House / Chair: Diane Harris (University of Utah)

Marisa Gomez Nordyke (University of Wisconsin-Madison) “’Tomorrow’s Home…Today!’: Marketing the Postwar Prefab”

Elaine Stiles (University of California, Berkeley) “No Simple Dwelling: Design Politics and the American Economy House, 1940?1952”

Rachel Heiman (The New School) “The Aesthetics of Social Change: Designing New Suburban Futures in the Salt Lake Valley”

The Multiple Layers of Preservation / Chair: Chris Wilson (University of New Mexico)

John Arnold (Michigan Technological University) [presenting], Sarah Fayen Scarlett (Michigan Technological University), and Donad Lafreniere (Michigan Technological University) “Vernacular Preservation: Functional Evolution and the Living Postindustrial Landscape”

James Buckley (University of Oregon) “The Art of Remembering: Project Row Houses and the Preservation of Houston’s African-American Past”

Julia Larson (Missouri Department of Transportation) “Immigrant Influence in Woodburn, Oregon: Understanding a Historic Downtown as a ‘New’ Vernacular Form”

Preservation Round Table: “The Changing Face of Preservation: Preservation Education” / Chairs: Anna Andrzejewski (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Cynthia Falk (Cooperstown Graduate Program, SUNY-Oneonta)
1-2:30 p.m. Paper Session
Issues of Documentation and Understanding / Chair: Ed Chappell (Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, rtd.)

Arijit Sen (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee) “Flatlands: A New Vernacular of Cities”

Gina Haney (Stanford University) “From The Grouse Creek Cultural Survey to Google: Documenting the Vernacular Across Time and Space”

Jeffrey Klee (Colonial Williamsburg Foundation) “Fieldwork, Mind, and Building”

Power and Difference in Place-Making / Chair: Ocean Howell (University of Oregon)

Elijah Gaddis, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, “Wilmington After 1898: Maps, Plans, and the Infrastructures of White Supremacy”

Andrea Roberts, University of Texas at Austin, “Hidden Planning History and Contemporary Preservation of African American Vernacular Landscapes in Rural East Texas”

Karen L. Rogers, Auburn University, “New Mexico: A Palimpsest of Place-Making”

Regional Identity / Chair: Sally McMurry (Pennsylvania State University)

Ben King Shacklette (Texas Tech University) “Communal Structures: Two German Country Schools of Gillespie County, Texas”

Mike Walker (Savannah College of Art and Design) “Backwoods Segregation: Constructing and Enforcing the Racial Divide at Turpentine Camps in Northern Florida and Southern Georgia”

Bryan D. Orthel (Kansas State University) “Scraping the Clover Tract: Morphology of a 20th century, agricultural cultural landscape”

3-4:30 p.m. Paper Sessions
The Particularity of Institutions / Chair: Will Moore (Boston University)

Karen Robbins (Boston University) "Cottage Style” No More: Reclaiming the Original Name of the “Family System”

Mardita Murphy (University of North Carolina at Greensboro) “Preserving the Kirkbride Legacy: An Analysis of the Extant State of the Plan and Challenges of Adaptive [Reuse]”

Aaron Wunsch (University of Pennsylvania) “Specialized Deathscapes: Socio-­?Spatial Sorting in Antebellum Philadelphia Cemeteries”

Establishing a Landscape / Chair: Sarah Scarlett (Michigan Technological University)

Catherine W. Zipf (MIT) “You will Find it Handy”; African-American Automobile Travel Guides, 1935-1965”

Karl Kiem (University of Siegen) “Improving the European vernacular: the introduction and development of residential types from the Baroque to the early 20th century in Prussia using the example of the Siegen industrial region”

James P. Miller (University of Oregon) “Expanding Micronesian Enclaves & the Verge of Climate Displacement: A case study of Marshallese place identity in the United States”

Architectural Representations / Chair: Betsy Cromley, Northeastern University

Magdalena Milosz (McGill University) “Home Away from Home: Staging Domesticity through the Canadian Department of Indian Affairs, 1879-1930”

Zachary J. Violette (The New School) “The Decorated Tenement: Ornament, Class, and Identity in the Gilded Age City”

Wei (Windy) Zhao (University of Utah) “Living in the Store: The Development of the Shophouse in Southern China”

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