The Summer 2016 Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures Field School, Picturing Milwaukee:Washington Park

18 Apr 2016 2:29 PM | Christine R Henry

Picturing Milwaukee: Washington Park

The Summer 2016 Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures Field School

Class Dates: June 13 - July 15, 2016;

Preparatory Workshop (attendance required), June 6, 2016, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM, AUP 183, SARUP, UWM

Final exhibit: July 29, 2016

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Field school is free for community volunteers. Students may decide to participate as community volunteers. However, if you decide to enroll in summer classes then you may take a maximum of 6 course credits.


Choose up to 6 credits from the list below:

ARCH 534 Field Study. –3 cr.

ARCH 550 Buildings Types and Settings - 3cr.

ARCH 551: American Vernacular Architecture, -3 cr.

ARCH 553: Vernacular Buildings/Groupings -3 cr.

ARCH 561 Measured Drawing for Architects. –3 cr.

ARCH 562 Preservation Technology Laboratory. –3 cr.

Course Description: This summer course provides students an immersion experience in the field recording of the built environment and cultural landscapes and an opportunity to learn how to write history literally “from the ground up.” The 2016 field school focuses on Washington Park, a racially, economically and culturally diverse neighborhood known for its artist communities and active neighborhood groups. This summer we will collaborate with ACTS Housing Inc., a local nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote economic self-sufficiency and homeownership. We will study a variety of homes in this neighborhood—everyday residences, boarded up homes, refabricated and reused homes, homes transformed into stores and workplaces, homes as works of art, homes remembered in family histories and homes as domestic worlds. This project seeks to employ the enduring creativity of storytelling, the power of digital humanities, and depth of local knowledge in order to galvanize Milwaukee residents to talk about their homes as repositories of community memory, spaces of caring and markers of civic pride.

The five-week course calendar covers a broad array of academic skills. Workshops during Week 1 will focus on photography, measured drawings, documentation and technical drawings; no prior experience is necessary. Week 2 will include workshops on oral history interviewing and digital ethnography. Week 3 is centered on mapping and archival research. Week 4 and 5 will be devoted to producing final reports and multi-media documentaries. Students will learn how to “read” buildings within their urban material, social, ecological and cultural contexts, create reports on historic buildings and cultural landscapes and produce multimedia documentaries. Nationally recognized faculty directing portions of this school include Jeffrey E. Klee, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Anna Andrzejewski, Associate Professor of Art History, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Michael H. Frisch, Professor and Senior Research Scholar, University at Buffalo, Arijit Sen, Associate Professor of Architecture, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, and Matthew Jarosz, Associate Adjunct Professor of Architecture and Historic Preservation, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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