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15 Oct 2023 11:38 AM | Michelle Jones (Administrator)

Please consider submitting your research to Buildings & Landscapes: Journal of the Vernacular Architecture Forum! We gladly accept manuscripts on a rolling basis for scholarly articles, object lessons, viewpoints, and research notes. Here are the kinds of manuscripts we welcome: 

Scholarly Articles integrate fieldwork and archival/primary source research into an original argument about the history of everyday buildings and/or landscapes. Approx. 25 pages double spaced (endnotes are additional), with 15-20 images.

Object Lessons address how we engage others by highlighting places that have a distinct public history component or preservation or public engagement story. Topics have included a building at Colonial Williamsburg that was recreated as an interpreted craft shop then demolished and rebuilt after new information surfaced; a public artwork erected at a public housing complex in New York City to create a shared, lived environment celebrating Antonio Gramsci and his ideals; and the contested efforts to  preserve the Freedom Tower in Miami as a landmark memorializing the Cuban American experience. Approx. 10-20 pages double spaced, with up to 10 images.

Viewpoints are geared toward provoking conversation about the interpretation, representation, and preservation of vernacular architecture and cultural landscapes. This series is intended to keep us thinking about why we do what we do. Less than 20 pages double spaced, with up to 10 images.

Research Notes are an author’s investigation of an extraordinary primary document(s) or fieldwork example(s) that has potential to add significantly to our field. The Research Notes series is intended to complement the Viewpoint series by helping us think about how we do what we do. Less than 20 pages double spaced, with up to 10 images.

Buildings & Landscapes is the leading source for peer-reviewed, scholarly work on the vernacular architecture of North America and beyond. The journal continueVAF's tradition of scholarly publication going back to the first Perspectives in Vernacular Architecture in 1982. Published through the University of Minnesota Press since 2007, the journal publishes two issues per year.

The editors encourage rolling submissions of scholarly articles that integrate fieldwork and archival/primary source research into original arguments about the history of everyday buildings and/or landscapes. The editors particularly welcome submission of articles on topics related to the study of North American vernacular architecture or which otherwise broaden the context of North American architecture and cultural landscapes. Authors are urged to draw linkages between the physical aspects of the built environment they study and the people who create, consume, use, and inhabit it. If an author is unsure about a manuscript’s fit for the journal, they are encouraged to contact the editors in advance of a formal submission: co-editor Michael Chiarappa ( and incoming co-editor Margaret Grubiak ( To find out more about submitting to B&L, please visit the VAF website.

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