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19 Oct 2014 2:28 PM | Christine R Henry (Administrator)
by Wendy Ward

Photo Courtesy of preservationnation.orgThe National Trust for Historic Preservation recently published a terrific, visual article about the lesser known photography of Steven Gross and Susan Daley. Gross and Daly, known for their photography of historic homes, gardens and interiors, turned their lenses to the ordinary, to ‘any interesting or obsolete commercial or public buildings such as roadhouses, feed stores, dance halls, tourist cabins, small churches, or vintage barber shops’.

The article’s photographs are wonderful, black and white shots of Southern vernacular architecture, shot using film. Gross observed,

They appeal because of their familiar forms that have a sense of character, directness, and certainty about them. We associate them with half-forgotten truths and obscure social rituals and beliefs, as well as lost building practices and ways of doing things."

As a long time supporter of the National Trust, its good to see the organization focus on a topic that typically gets less coverage...way to go Trust! Here is an online, short version what has photographs not included in their print version.

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