Virtual Conference Breakout Rooms Friday, May 21, 5:00 – 5:30 pm, CDT

15 May 2021 11:35 AM | Christine R Henry

At the end of our presentations on Friday, conference attendees will have opportunities to gather in smaller groups to chat, just like a real conference…. We have assembled seven breakout rooms, themed discussion groups for more informal conversation. Or maybe a zoom cocktail party? Please come. 

Further discussion after the Plenary: Fieldwork Futures

Jim Buckley and Brent Fortenberry

Join the speakers Sarah Lopez, Arijit Sen, Elaine Stiles, and Danielle Wilkins to continue the conversation stimulated by our Panel on fieldwork.

New Books

Kim Hoagland

Are you yearning for the book exhibit at an in-person VAF conference?  Are you afraid you're missing books that have been published during the pandemic?  In this fast-paced session, authors of newly published work will discuss their books and why you might want to buy them.


Buildings & Landscapes

Michael Chiarappa and Lydia Mattice Brandt, co-editors

Have questions about how to publish your research in Buildings & Landscapes? Join the coeditors for an informal Q&A.  Potential topics for questions may include the peer review process, image permissions, or how to transform your conference paper into a research article.


The VAF’s Special Series: Present and Future

Thomas Carter, editor.

Come, visit, and talk about the series, its mission, books currently in progress, and areas/subjects you think need to be covered. We also want your feedback on the possibility of a new introductory text, to replace Invitation to Vernacular Architecture. What would such a text look like? How can we make it more inclusive? Can you think of potential authors?


VAF’s African American Field Schools

Louis Nelson, University of Virginia

The Andrew Mellon Foundation has generously awarded funding to VAF and UVa to sponsor and support multi-year summer field schools that will investigate African American cultural landscapes and historic sites. VAF’s goals in this effort are to elevate projects that center African American cultural landscapes and historic sites and to catalyze a new and more diverse wave of scholars and practitioners prepared to do this work. This round table is an opportunity to learn more about this initiative and to ask questions of the program lead.


Tidewater Chapter for VAF

Marcia Miller and Jeff Klee

Let's catch up and talk about establishing a new Tidewater chapter. We can brainstorm ideas and field trips as well as talk more generally about how work is going in the time of COVID. 


New England Chapter

Nicole Benjamin-Ma and Peter Michaud

Come catch up with friends of New England and the Chapter. Share your recent projects and your new research strategies.  How has COVID affected your work?  What are the advantages afforded by working from home and virtual programming? How can we incorporate these innovations into Chapter activities? Let’s use this opportunity to gather our thoughts about our experience as researchers and stewards over the past year.

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