Preview #7 of Tour Sites for VAF in Texas, May 2022

16 Aug 2021 11:20 AM | Marisa Gomez Nordyke

The Hill Country tour will include a stop at the house of Heinrich and Auguste Kammlah. The family was living on this lot by the late 1840s, and the present house was begun in 1853-54 and enlarged in several campaign before 1910. The earliest rooms were built using fachwerk, and all later rooms were built of solid rock. When a “new house” was built after the Civil War the front part was adapted for commercial use. The second kitchen features a raised cooking hearth and two original pieces of German Texan furniture owned by the Kammlah family and donated along with the house. The complex has survived to the present day because it was at the northwestern end of town, away from the most intense commercial development, and has been the crown jewel of the Gillespie County Historical Society since 1955.

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