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The Vernacular Architecture Forum's Education Committee maintains a Syllabus Exchange for educators, practitioners, enthusiasts, and others interested in the built environment. The Syllabus Exchange makes it possible to keep up with the latest materials and methods in vernacular architecture and cultural landscape studies. These syllabi represent many different approaches to teaching, from printed sources to measuring and drawing in the field to the latest computer mapping and modeling technologies.

The Syllabus Exchange will be updated regularly. The Education Committee invites you to share your own course outlines, reading lists, field itineraries, and other syllabus materials. In order to participate, please send a copy of your syllabus in a widely-used format like Word, RTF, or .pdf to the Education Committee.

Annmarie Adams, The Cultural Landscape of Home, McGill University, Fall 2006
Anna Andrzejewski, Field Methods in Vernacular Architecture, University of Wisconsin, Summer 2006
Anna Andrzejewski and Arnold Alanen, Topics in Architectural History: American Vernacular Architecture and Landscapes, University of Wisconson, Fall 2001
Gretchen Buggeln, The American Home, Valparaiso University, Spring 2005
Thomas Carter, American Vernacular Architecture, University of Utah, Fall 2006
Thomas Carter, Architecture, Landscape, and History in the American West, University of Utah, Fall 2007
Thomas Carter, Introduction to American Architecture, University of Utah, Spring 2007
Preeti Chopra, Cities of Asia, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Fall 2007
Elizabeth Cromley, Architecture of American Houses, Northeastern University, Fall 2007
Howard Davis, Vernacular Building: Past, Present and Future, University of Oregon, Winter 2006
Gail Lee Dubrow, Preservation and the Vernacular Environment, University of Washington, Winter 2001
Andrew S. Dolkart, American Architecture Before 1876, Columbia University, Fall 2007
Susan Garfinkel, Material Culture in its Contexts: History and Theory, Smithsonian Masters Program in the History of Decorative Arts, Spring 2004
Rebecca Ginsburg, African Architecture and Urbanism, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Spring 2007
Rebecca Ginsburg, Slavery Sites: Preservation, Commemoration, and Controversies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Spring 2005
Rebecca Ginsburg, Exploring African Cities, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Spring 2009
Marta Gutman, Architectural Theory and Methods, City College of New York, Fall 2007
Marta Gutman, Twentieth-Century Architecture and Urbanism, City College of New York, Fall 2007
Marta Gutman, Twentieth-Century Architecture and Urbanism (graduate seminar), City College of New York, Fall 2007
Kingston Heath, Introduction to Historic Preservation, University of Oregon, Fall 2004
Bernard Herman, The American Home, University of Delaware
Bernard Herman, Vernacular Architecture, University of Delaware, Fall 2001
Kim Hoagland, Documentation of Historic Structures, Michigan Technological University, Fall 2006
R. Brooks Jeffery, Documentation and Interpretation of the Historic Built Environment, University of Arizona, Spring 2003
Jeanne Halgren Kilde, Sacred Space in America, Macalester College
Donald W. Linebaugh, Archaeology and Preservation, University of Maryland, Spring 2008
Carl Lounsbury, Recording Buildings: Field School in Early American Architecture, College of William and Mary, Spring 2003
Christina Maranci, French Gothic Architecture, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2007
Christina Maranci, Heretics and Iconoclasts: Art and Architecture of the Christian East, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 
Tania Martin, Summer Field Course in Built Heritage and Cultural Landscapes, Université Laval, Summer 2007
Ann McEwan, History and Heritage: Architecture 1800 to 2000, University of Waikato, Spring 2003
Louis P. Nelson, Early American Architecture, University of Virginia
Louis P. Nelson, Falmouth Field School in Historic Preservation, University of Virginia, Summer 2005
Louis P. Nelson, Field Methods in Historic Preservation, University of Virginia, Spring 2006
Micheline Nilsen, Issues in Art History: The Townhouse of the Atlantic Rim, Pratt Institute
James Peters, North American Building Traditions, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Fall 2009
L. Scott Philyaw, Early Southern History & Decorative Arts: The Southern Backcountry, MESDA/UNCG Summer Institute, Summer 2003
Julie Riesenweber, (North) American Architecture I, University of Kentucky, Fall 2007
Julie Riesenweber, Introduction to Historic Preservation, University of Kentucky
Julie Riesenweber, Vernacular Architecture, University of Kentucky, Spring 2007
Daves Rossell, American Cultural Landscape, Savannah College of Art and Design, Fall 2002
Daves Rossell, Vernacular Architecture, Savannah College of Art and Design, Winter 2004
Andrew Sandoval-Strausz, Why Space Matters to History, University of New Mexico, Spring 2004
Jessica Sewell, Studies in American Material Culture, Boston University, Fall 2008
Jessica Sewell, Seminar in Material Culture, Boston University, Fall 2008
Jessica Sewell, American Landscapes, Boston University, Spring 2009
Pam Simpson, Seminar in Vernacular Architecture, Washington & Lee University, Fall 2000
Nora Pat Small, History of American Architecture, Eastern Illinois University, Spring 2007
Ryan K. Smith, Topics in History: American Material Culture, Virginia Commonwealth University, Fall 2009
Michael Teitz, James Buckley and Greg Newmark, History of City Planning, University of California, Berkeley, Fall 2007
Dell Upton, American Vernacular Architecture, University of Virginia, Fall 2002
Dell Upton, Cities in History, University of Virginia, Spring 2007
Dell Upton, History & Anthropology of the Modern City, University of Virginia, Fall 2004
Dell Upton, Introduction to Material Culture Studies, University of Virginia, Spring 2003
Dell Upton, Material Culture Theory & Methods, University of Virginia, Fall 2003
Abigail Van Slyck, Domestic Architecture in the United States, Connecticut College, Fall 2001
Aaron Wunsch, Life on the Edge: Residential Landscapes Along Virginia’s Elizabeth River, University of Virginia, Fall 2007
Aaron Wunsch, American Architecture, University of Pennsylvania, Fall 2012
Carla Yanni, Nineteenth Century Architecture in the United States, Rutgers University

Jim Buckley, Introduction to Historic Preservation, University of Oregon, Portland Campus, Fall 2019

Phil Gruen, Historic Preservation, Washington State University, Fall 2018

Phil Gruen, Reading the American Landscape, Washington State University, Spring 2019

Christine Henry, Vernacular Architecture in America, University of Mary Washington, Fall 2018

Bill Littman, A History of Architecture and Urbanism - Pre-History to the Renaissance, UC Berkeley, Fall 2019

Bill Littman, History and Theory of Interior Design II, California College of the Arts, Fall 2019

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