Information for Participants

Prior to the Conference 

1.     IMPORTANT: Be sure you can access this page: VAF-NE_2020_Conference. All registrants should now have access. In order to log in, use the email address you used when you registered on the VAF homepage along with the password you set for your VAF account. If you've forgotten these credentials, please reset it here: Sys/ResetPasswordRequest. If you continue to have trouble, please email While a volunteer will get back to you as soon as possible, please be sure to do this well in advance of the morning of the conference, to be sure you have access at the start of events. 
     Make sure you save these credentials and have them ready to go on the morning of the conference. 
     Familiarize yourself with the Zoom Application. Please review this short video on “Joining Meetings” if you are not familiar with the application: Help Resources can be found here:

A Few Housekeeping Notes 

We are using both recorded videos and live discussions today. Each of our paper presentations has been pre-recorded. Our speakers will join us for a live introduction to each recording before it plays. After the video presentation (or groups of presentations), we will have a live Q&A with the speaker, just like when we meet in person.

Here is a quick rundown of the Zoom buttons and settings you’ll need to know for today:

  • We encourage you to view the symposium in SPEAKER VIEW, which will help eliminate visual noise. You can find this setting in the top toolbar, where a small grid icon lets you toggle between Gallery View and Speaker View. 
  • At the bottom left of your screen are the mute and video controls.
    • All the attendees are automatically muted. Please do not unmute yourself unless you are asked to do so during a Q&A session.
    • While we wish we could see your smiling faces please KEEP YOUR VIDEOS OFF. This is as a courtesy to our attendees located in places with slower internet speeds; restricting the video will help preserve bandwidth so they can participate in the symposium uninterrupted. Speakers and moderators will have their videos on during the session introductions and Q&As.
  • If you click on “Participants” in the bottom tool bar, you can see who is currently in the meeting. You will appear at the top of the list when you open it. If you want to adjust your screen name for the symposium, you can do this by right-clicking on your name in the participant list and choosing “Re-Name.”
  • We will be using the “Chat” feature in the bottom tool bar to ask questions. During the session, all comments in the chat will go to the moderator, so he or she can compile a list for the speaker. That means you don’t have to wait until the end of the presentation to ask your question! Just enter your question into the chat when you think of it. 
    • You can also use the chat feature to report technical difficulties during the sessions. 
    • During the breaks, we will open up the chat to everyone so you can discuss things as a group or communicate one-on-one. 
  • And lastly, we ask that everyone be respectful today, just as if we were sitting in Sturbridge. While we are sure this won’t be a problem, please know that anyone acting unruly can and will be removed from this meeting.
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